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Payment and Financing as a Service


Our Story

At APFS, our origin is rooted in a deep understanding of financial markets, with a keen focus on capital and retail products. Embracing the wave of digitization, we've pioneered innovative financing solutions, utilizing automation and AI to streamline processes once bogged down by manual inefficiencies. Our core services, Insurance Premium Financing and Factoring Financing, reflect our commitment to risk mitigation and operational excellence. Driven by the vision to make financial services more efficient and accessible, APFS stands at the forefront of transforming the financial landscape for the better.

Who We Are

We are a veteran in financial markets, with expertise in capital markets and retail products.  The wave of digitization gives us a glimpse of how the world with less friction in product offering and risk mitigation can be.  Various types of financing that were too costly due to manual processes, seem lucrative to tackle using automation and AI.

Our Vision

There are many parts of financial markets and financial products that are not efficient for users.  So many times that the credit risk is minimal but requires sweat and time to manually validate documents or to avoid fraud.  All of which means high operating expenses and high fixed costs.  We aim to adopt platforms and automation to kill the OPEX in order to extract the return on credits.

About Us
What We Offer




Insurance Premium Financing

APFS provides financing for insurance policy buyers without the requirement of a credit card. We work with insurers and insurance brokers as an embedded service at online checkout, allowing buyers to choose an installment program (BNPL style). Risk control is conducted by obtaining rights to the policy to be used as collateral, resulting in high recovery rates in cases of failure to pay.


APFS provides factoring financing.  Clients who possess receivables from the source that reaches our criteria can sell the receivables and take cash upfront.



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